Monday, February 11, 2013

Why is AA in the Christian Church ?

A Public Disclosure to all Christians in addiction recovery. 
      Please understand that the intent of this website, (my ministry), is not to insult, degrade, or dispute any of the A-A / N-A principles, policies, practices, or politics. I’m fully aware and cognitive of the long history of A-A and their 12-step program, and the fact that it’s brought sobriety to many lost souls. Unfortunately however, many of those “lost souls” are still lost in spite of their sobriety, because typically their experience in A-A, or other secular recovery programs has lacked any exposure to The Word of God, which is the only Truth to live by. They’ve not been exposed to the Gospel and the message of Salvation through The Blood of Christ on The Cross, which is the only way to be saved and to be “set free” from the bondage of addictions.
      The fundamental purpose of this website, (my ministry), is to reveal the secular practices and policies of AA, and other secular programs which have no Biblical foundations that would qualify them as Christian programs to be used for counseling born again Christians in a Christian Church. A-A has been claiming for years to have Christian roots, yet denies Christ by proclaiming that “any” god, or false idol you can imagine will suffice, and is acceptable and worthy of worship in their meetings. Christians, however, believe in one God, because He tells us so in,  Malachi 2:10, Romans 3:30, 1 Corinthians 8:6, Ephesians 4:6, 1 Timothy 2:5, and James 2:19, and elsewhere. AA members, and members of other secular 12-step programs, are encouraged to put their trust and faith into some “undefined higher power”, or a God of “their” choice, or any god or false idol, as they choose to understand him! They refuse to allow the Gospel, the Holy Word of God, the Bible, The Truth, into their meetings, or any discussion of Him or His Son Jesus Christ or The Holy Spirit Is forbidden. As long as A-A refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ as its “higher power”, and that there is but only one Sovereign Almighty God, and refuses to allow the Gospel, or discuss the Word of God and Jesus, or allow prayer in the name of Jesus in their meetings, it will never be a Christian program! Period! It can only be identified as a cult! You can’t deny Christ and be a Christian! (Titus 1:16, Mathew 10:32-33, 2 Tim.2:12 ) Nor should a program like it be allowed in our churches! But they are, and prayerfully the information on this website will reveal and expose the Blasphemy and Heresy of such practices. For a Christian counselor to suggest to a professing born again believer that he or she is “powerless”, (the 1st step in a 12-step program), in light of Jesus words in Acts 1:8, is blasphemy, and disgraceful and unacceptable! If you’re a counselor or a pastor reading this, I suggest you examine any addiction recovery program you might have in place in your church. This has become a wide spread epidemic throughout the Christian church. Christians struggling with addictions, need to be fed Gods Truth, and nothing but "The Truth"! Be sure and read  "The 4 Pillars of Truth," for more information on this issue. The Truth will set us free, satans lies and deception will keep us in the bondage of our sin!

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