Wednesday, March 27, 2013



       It’s amazing to me how many professing Men of God I see today throughout social and public media, as well as from the pulpit, quoting man after man, explaining and defending the Word of God! There is no better defense or explanation of Gods Word, than Gods Word! There is no spoken or written word other than Gods Word, that is The Truth! Everything else is pure speculation and opinion. Yet man is wandering further and further away from Gods Word, The Truth, and drifting closer and closer towards accepting mans philosophical views, ideologies, and conjecture, as the truth, which has led the world into the chaos and total moral depravity which we now find ourselves inhabiting, and raising our children in today. Most messages delivered in churches today are “dressed” with a little scripture for appeal and acceptance, (deception), then mixed with the opinions of  Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, and many other men who claim to have all the answers to all of life’s complex questions. 
      The fact is that there are very few men left today, including pastors, who are following in the footsteps of the Bereans, and validating all that professing Christian leaders have to say. Most of our “mega cathedrals” have replaced the pulpits with stages to “perform” on by “celebrity” speakers, (false teachers), who are merely engaged in running popularity contests with others seeking to build the biggest audiences and bank accounts! They call this church, and claim to be running these circuses in the name of God! Saving lost souls, being “fishers of men,” and washing feet seems to be at the bottom of their priority list… Consequently,… 
     During the past dozen or so years in the addiction recovery ministry, I’ve encountered a lot of opposition by many hundreds of alcoholics and addicts struggling with addiction recovery both in, and out of the church. Both Christians and unbelievers alike will question why they should believe that god can free them from their bondage. They question the idea that Gods Word is the truth and that they should believe it, and the promises that are in it. They’ve been lied to and deceived for so many years, and by so many people, that they no longer trust anyone. After years of witnessing many churches and church leaders fall like dominoes, they ask, “how or why should I trust God”?  Unbelievers, after having spent years in traditional secular 12-step addiction recovery programs, still have no idea who god is, since “any god” or any undefined “higher power” as they understand them, is acceptable and worthy to be worshipped in these meetings, and the only guidance they receive is to choose a god that they’re comfortable with. It isn’t uncommon to find 10 different gods in the same meeting. Since program policy forbids proselytizing or encouraging anyone to accept the One True God, why should anyone expect deliverance from addictions? Worshipping and praying to your Harley Davidson, your pet pit bull, or your favorite football team or player, will not “set you free”! Millions of men and women in secular 12-step recovery programs are told one minute that AA is a Christian based program, and that they need to surrender to a god to get sober, and then that any false idol will suffice. Millions of men and women in secular 12-step recovery programs have been led to believe that they have a disease, and are still waiting, sometimes for years, for some “magic pill” to come along and heal them. 
       As a Christian, this is an extremely difficult and trying situation to find oneself in. For many Christians already caught in the deadly Spiritual Warfare and battle of addictions, fighting the enemy against our addictions is enough of a challenge, without being confronted with a program that  professes to be of Christian roots, yet offers multiple gods, and at the same time denies Christ. The reason that the Christian is caught in these circumstances can be attributed to the overall failure of the churches described above. A failed church will fail its members. A church that condones homosexuality or gay marriage because it’s the politically correct stance to take to boost membership, will have little success in its marriage counseling program. Or an addiction recovery counseling program that promotes a 12-step recovery program that begins by teaching a Christian that they’re powerless, as in step 1, when Christ clearly states otherwise in Acts 1:8. Which is only one of dozens of references to our power as Christians. The point here is that as long as the church remains mired in the deceit of the enemy, and allows that deceit to pass on down into its counseling programs, the addicted Christian is either on his own, or must learn to totally rely on the Grace and Love of God, and our redemption that was won for us at Calvary! We must be Saved, and Set Free, to be Sober. 

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