Thursday, October 31, 2013



A must read book for Christian pastors, counselors, or any Christians still struggling with addictions.

One Step Addiction Recovery,...John 3:3
Authored by
 Don Johnson
Edition: first

Saved and Sober is a must read book for anyone, or a loved one, or a friend of someone who struggles with the curse of addictions. Saved and Sober is a book that illustrates God's Truth as it applies to addiction recovery. It exposes the lies and faults of man's many failed attempts at conquering this world-wide plague that claims millions of lives, and destroys millions of families each year in this country. A must read for anyone caught in this epidemic, or anyone interested in helping others who are. Everyone is affected by addictions either directly or indirectly. From the subtle trickle-down consequences of addictions such as higher taxes, higher health care costs and insurance rates, the moral decline of an entire society, to the more obvious results such as homelessness, crime, DUI highway fatalities, broken families, etc., everyone is impacted in some way. The war on drugs and the efforts of secular recovery programs have been a complete failure. The problem has grown exponentially into an out of control epidemic, even in the Church. It would appear to be, and actually is, a hopeless situation for those who don't know the one true and living God, The Creator. This book, through His Truth, will reveal His purpose for us regarding our battles with addictions. If you believe God's Word is the Truth, and you're ready to start living your life according to it, this book will show you how to apply His Word and be SAVED and SOBER!

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