Sunday, February 9, 2014


One of the earliest and most important lessons I learned in my first days of addiction recovery was this; when alcoholics and addicts use the drug of their choice for the purpose of escaping the pain of reality, we stop growing in all aspects of our life! We become spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually starved for growth. In essence, we become paralyzed in these areas, not to mention the damage being done physically at the same time! It was this very simple, basic, common sense reality that got my attention, and made it a simple choice to quit using drugs and alcohol to avoid reality. Basically, this is saying that if we start using drugs and alcohol for escapism or distraction, at the age of 15, 15 years later we still have the same spiritual, emotional, psychological, and intellectual capabilities of a 15 year old child, instead of a 30 year old adult! Or, if you should be fortunate enough to have survived these circumstances for 45 years, you’re more than likely still acting and living your life as a 15 year old child. A difficult reality to swallow, but one that abundantly explains the behavior of many in addiction recovery programs today. A reality that most assuredly will be met with denial by most 45 + or - year old alcoholics or addicts who have yet to accept the exact nature of their addictions. That exact nature being of course the fact that their addictions are actually an expression of sinful behavior, NOT a disease, and the result of spiritual warfare between The One True Living God, our Creator, and His Son Jesus Christ, and our enemy, the devil! 90% of alcoholics and addicts are living under decades old false pretences that “drunkenness” is a disease that can somehow be cured, someday perhaps by a magic pill or potion. Another 90% of the above alcoholics and addicts have also been mislead to believe that the only “cure” for their “disease” is in total and complete surrender to the secular 12-steps of AA and other 12-step programs which are in total and complete opposition to The Truth of God’s Holy Word! These cults have infiltrated many of our Christian Churches today through the deception of our enemy the devil, knowing, understanding, and taking advantage of these simple facts and the reality explained above. Drunkenness has been a well known tool of destruction used by satan since the beginning of time, well recorded and documented throughout God’s Word as sin, to keep God’s people from knowing Him. Still to this day, addiction to drugs and alcohol is one of satan’s most productive methods of keeping people from God and His Truth! AA, and other 12-step addiction recovery programs have been an invaluable asset for satan to keep The Truth hidden from unbelievers and Christians as well! By deceitfully professing to be of Christian origin, they’ve convinced millions of unsuspecting alcoholics and addicts to accept and believe that they’re a Christian program. Nothing could be further from the Truth! While there are many examples of heresy that’s being taught in their meetings, here are just a few of the most troubling ones; that members should adhere to the AA bible, known as the big book, and ignore God’s Word. That its members might choose and worship any god figure of their choice and understanding. That they shall refrain from any discussion of God’s Son, Jesus Christ in their meetings! Step #1 says that we are powerless, while the Bible tells us we are NOT! AA proclaims the most hopeless idea imaginable to its members with the claim of, “once a drunk, always a drunk”! While the list goes on and on, the point is already made, that AA based on just those few points can only be defined as a cult at best, and as a successful addiction recovery program at worst. The fact that they end every meeting with the words, “keep coming back, it works,” indicates just the opposite, if it worked, you wouldn’t need to spend the rest of your life there.

AA has been around for decades and there is no doubt that it has helped many lost souls find sobriety, and God has even revealed Himself to some members in the program, just as He does to criminals in prisons. However, if they were in fact of Christian origin as they claim, they would be focused and centered on God’s Word, The Truth, and leading its members to Salvation as instructed in Matthew 28:19-20. Then Salvation and The Truth would lead them to sobriety and to be “set free” from other sin.             

*If we start using drugs and alcohol at an early age, and for as long as we continue to use them, to hide from The Truth and reality, there is no reason to expect that we will ever recognize or understand The Truth! Even though God has revealed His Truth to nearly every human being on earth, we can’t understand it while in a drunken, or drug induced stupor!  The Truth that clearly explains His command that we should all repent from our sin, and turn to Him for forgiveness and everlasting life with Him! If we don’t repent from the sin of “drunkenness,” or until we do, we can expect to continue to live in the “fog,” and the consequent dysfunctional behavior that accompanies our addictions, and will eventually incapacitate our ability to recognize or understand The Truth, and act upon it! John 8:31-36 is perfectly clear that we must know and follow God’s Truth if we’re to be “set free.” “Set free” from the bondage of sin, which keeps us from a close personal relationship, and Eternal life with Him.  Again, these are very simple, basic, common sense realities that are often overlooked or misunderstood by their very nature. No matter what our age, our maturity is based on our sobriety. There are millions of lost souls today who are living in tired and worn out bodies, with millions of hard miles of drug and alcohol use and abuse on them, but, or consequently, haven’t heard or accepted God’s Truth, and until you do, The Truth cannot “set you free”! You must hear it, believe it, and 
act upon it to receive by Grace, God’s forgiveness and everlasting life with Him! Sobriety, along with many other blessings will follow those who are obedient to His Word.


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