Wednesday, February 25, 2015



For the sake of your sobriety, choose the One True Living God to surrender to, not some undefined, convenient god of your imagination!

You can pray all day long to some false idol, and all you will hear back is an echo! It will be no more productive than talking to yourself! AA has been falsely teaching for decades that they are of Christian origination, and also falsely teach in step 3 that you can worship any undefined god of your understanding! This is pure blasphemy! 

All the money spent, all the psychology and counseling degrees, all the 12-step programs, all the worldly advice that come with those programs, all the group homes and treatment facilities, all of the broken and destroyed hearts, homes, families, careers, and relationships, all of the jail and prison sentences, all of the death and mayhem that are directly related to addictions to drugs and alcohol, will NEVER end the grip that addictions have on our society, and the multitude of negative consequences that they produce. Addictions , and their curse on society have only increased exponentially over the past century in spite of all of man’s futile efforts to conquer and overcome them! For each of the few who have managed to find and maintain some degree of sobriety, there have been hundreds more to fill their shoes. For each of the few who have managed to find and maintain some degree of sobriety, there have been hundreds who have taken their addictions to their graves!

The fortunate few who have managed to find and maintain some degree of sobriety should easily recognize the miracle that’s transpired in their lives, and understand that miracles only come from The One True Living God! Our Creator, who sacrificed His Son on The Cross, that we might be Saved and have Eternal Life with Him! 

If you’re one of the many who wonder why addictions are so common in the world today, and have become such a blight on our society, the answer is really quite simple.  

While there are thousands of variations of 12-step addiction recovery programs being used in thousands of group homes and facilities to “treat” hundreds of thousands of victims, all of these programs refer to an undefined “higher power,” or god of their own understanding, as the God they should be seeking for help and deliverance from their addictions. According to the One True Living God of all Christian faiths and denominations, “You shall have no other gods before me”. (Exodus 20:3) or, “For thou shalt worship no other god,” (Exodus 34:14) or, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5). ALL others are false idols!  

As long as men, whether in addiction recovery programs, or any falsely led and misguided churches, seek to worship false idols, and rely on them for answers to prayers for help and deliverance from their addictions or any other troubles in their lives, they will ultimately fail. And do so miserably! A perfect example of failing and losing the so-called “war on drugs,” is the fact that instead of any forward progress, this country is moving backwards by the early onslaught of legalizing the use of them!

Another very simple reason man is losing the battle against drug and alcohol use and abuse, is again another example of man turning from, and ignoring Gods simple Truth, by convincing the world that their addictions are a disease, rather than sin, which is what God calls “drunkenness” throughout His Word. It’s like a counselor telling an addict that they should take a couple aspirin and call him in the morning! Or in more prolonged and serious cases of addictions, that they might need surgery or radiation treatments. It’s no different than telling a sinner he has the same cure for adultery. As preposterous as that sounds, AA has convinced the world that sin is a disease and can be treated as such. Yes, addictions, if left unattended will most likely lead to disease, and then death, just as sin leads to death if left unattended. But there is a very simple remedy for all sin, including drunkenness. Acknowledging that there is but One true and Living God, and surrendering your life and will to His care. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to the Cross to pay for your sin, and provide you a way to be set free from it by simply asking Him to forgive you, and repenting from its death grip on you. 

All of the world’s addiction recovery programs admit that an addict must surrender their lives to “a” god. Where they fail the millions of addicts who are desperately seeking sobriety, is by failing to direct them to the only God who can save them! The same God who created them, and Loves them, and wants them to Love Him! It’s not complicated folks, God’s Word is The Truth, and The Truth will set you free as fast as you can accept it! Be Born Again! Be Saved and Sober!  

Before man will ever have a chance at genuine true addiction recovery, the church must learn to teach the Truth! The Church needs to teach The Gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone must be proclaimed to those lost in the sin of addiction and alcoholism, with faith in the Lord and the sufficiency and authority of His Word. Man can’t be expected to defeat the battle with satan over his sin unless The Church equips him with The Truth! Instead we find most churches today proclaiming man’s word as sufficient in defeating sin, or simply tolerating it in fear of hurting someone’s feelings. 

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