Monday, July 4, 2016


32 years ago today, on July 4th, 1984, I quit drinking! At least I thought I quit drinking! Two years later almost to the day I discovered that it wasn’t me at all! I had simply become a dry drunk, living every minute in the same dark dysfunctional world I had created in nearly 40 years as an alcoholic and addict! I could have very easily picked up a drink during those 2 years, but God, (a God I didn’t know at the time), had a different plan for me! God knew that I needed 2 years of sobriety as a dry drunk, to recognize that sobriety means little in this life if we’re going to continue to live it in Sin! Dry drunks who remain sinners will not make it through that narrow gate in (Matthew 7:13-14). Alcoholics and addicts have accomplished little more than the ability to pass a sobriety test and wake up without a hang-over when they get sober. Like myself, most of them will continue living in the exact same lifestyle they created while under the influence of drugs and alcohol!
On this day 32 years God knew that I needed to get sober to get to know and understand Him, to Trust and surrender my life to Him, and to Love and serve Him!

On July 4th, or any other day of the year, every alcoholic and addict has the opportunity to receive a special 2 for 1 gift of Freedom from God! Asking Him to be your Lord and Savior, will “set you free”, (John 8:36) from the bondage of your drug and alcohol addictions, and other sin, and will grant you passage through that narrow gate, (Matthew 7:13-14), into Eternal Life with Him! You will be SAVED AND SOBER!

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