Wednesday, August 10, 2016


“It takes a “junkie” to know a “junkie”!

“Junkies” come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. “Junkies” are white, black, brown, and yellow, young, old, fat and skinny, male and female, and everything in between! “Junkies” are all ages and faiths, denominations, nationalities, and political persuasions. “Junkies” are anyone who needs to ingest “junk” into their bodies to make them “feel good”! Whether your “junk” of choice is consumed in liquid form, smoked, snorted, injected, or ingested as food, or swallowed as a pill, whether the “junk” you’re consuming is white, black, green, brown, or yellow, if you’re consuming it to get high and escape reality, you’re a “Junkie”! Also known as an addict! Most likely a hopeless addict in a world offering very little hope or help to the millions suffering with addictions who are seeking help from any of the addiction recovery programs that the secular world has to offer! The billion dollar “war on drugs” has proven to be hopeless, most of the 12-step addiction recovery programs have proven to be hopeless, offering little more than relentless ‘relapse”, incarceration has proven to be hopeless, and all of your own personal efforts have proven to be hopeless. And the latest effort, to take away the “stigma” from addictions will most assuredly prove to fail! If we have a conscience, “stigma” will cause guilt, which may lead a few “junkies” to God for forgiveness, and to be set free from their addictions! The only Hope for “junkies” and all other sinners is found in the one true Living God, who sent His Son Jesus Christ as a Sacrifice for our sin and “drunkenness”! If you’re tired of being a “junkie”, and ready to admit it and turn to God for Salvation and deliverance, do so today because time and life are short, and you can be Saved and Sober tomorrow!    

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