Sunday, December 11, 2016




Every alcoholic and addict in the world knows about the ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 12 – STEP PROGRAM. Most of the millions of alcoholics and addicts around the world who have broken through the barrier of denial, have probably attended some of their meetings. Many millions of alcoholics and addicts are regularly attending these meetings right now, somewhere in the world! And still many more right this minute are reading about, talking about, or studying or examining the message found in step 3, scratching your head. The concept of “a god of your own understanding” goes against what you’ve probably heard all your life. 90% of us grew up hearing about a God who created us, and wrote The Bible, which told us how we should live our lives if we wanted to get to Heaven. Now here we are years later, after years of rejecting that God, and years of addictions, we find ourselves being told that there are “many” gods who can help us overcome those addictions. Instead of being told the truth about God, we are told we can make our Harley Davidson our god, or our pet bull dog, or many even choose the founders of AA as their gods! There is only One God folks, The One you heard about as a child! The One True Living God of the Bible, your Creator, The One who hates other false gods, The One who sent His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on The Cross for us, to rescue us from our addictions and other sin! Until we come to recognize this simple Truth, and understand that satan is real and has been keeping us hooked on booze and drugs, our sobriety will only be temporary until our next relapse! 

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