Friday, July 4, 2014

Is God Blessing America,…or is satan destroying us?
Somehow since 1776 Americans have lost sight of the true meaning of “God Bless America”! Today 90 % of Americans think God is blessing us because of our health, wealth, and welfare. Millions are celebrating today what they think is freedom and blessings from God, because they’re working to make payments on a big beautiful house filled with leather furniture and electronic gadgets, with a driveway and garage filled with fancy vehicles filled with leather upholstery and electronic gadgets, when in reality all this junk is from satan to entrap us into believing we are blessed, and some even believe it means they’re saved! None of it could be further from the Truth, which is that God Blesses those who surrender their lives to, and follow His Son, and live by His Word! America couldn't be further away from that simple premise! I’m a Veteran who proudly served my country in the 60’s in spite of witnessing my commander-in-chief being assassinated by the next in his succession! Then that commander-in-chief sending us to war with a country that was no more of a threat to us than a mosquito with the West Nile Virus! All for the sake of financial gains! Since that fateful day in November 1963 I've regretfully watched this country snuggle up closer and closer to satan as its citizens bury their heads deeper and deeper into the sand! Instead of fireworks, parades, and barbecues, Americans should be at The Cross of Jesus, on their knees, asking for forgiveness for their sin and the sin of a country that’s been following satan for far too long! Then maybe “God will Bless America”!  

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