Saturday, July 12, 2014



The answer lies quite simply in, Luke 17: 11-19

Only one in ten will listen, believe, and be Saved! The other nine will wander off dazed and confused and be known as “Ye of little Faith”!

It’s taken me these past 14 years to come to the above conclusion. After starting the Addiction Crucifixion Fellowship ministry in the year 2000 at the prompting of God to share His truth about addiction recovery according to His Word amongst fellow Christians, it’s become quite clear that the majority of the human race has no desire or interest in The Truth. Most of the world has created its own many forms of truth to fulfill the lusts of their sinful nature. Since Christ’s journey here amongst us 2000 years ago, man has ignored and rejected anyone who’s attempted to “rock their boat”! It is no different in the addiction recovery ministry, whether in worldly secular 12 step programs such as AA, or trying to share God’s Truth in our Churches, 9 out of 10 are like those mentioned in the parable in Luke 17:11-19, unwilling to “give glory to God”!   
When I started this ministry, many Christians were being misled by the lies of secular 12 step programs such as AA that had infiltrated into our Churches. It’s taken me these past 14 years to come to the above conclusion. I began writing my book, Saved and Sober about 5 years ago, long before I started using Facebook. I finished and published it about 1 year ago, and now after 3 years on Facebook I’ve come to the conclusion that only one in ten are listening to, reading, or paying any attention to anything I say or write regarding The Truth, or they just don’t care! Am I surprised? Not at all, few are reading or paying any attention to God’s Word in the Bible either. They never have! Few would listen to, or follow Jesus. They still aren’t!

Man has not changed, only given more chances to do so. Eventually his time will run out and he will be forced to suffer the consequences he has been promised since he was Created!       Amen!  

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